Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sangsoo Herbland

For nearly three years I have seen an exit off the freeway to this place and wanted to check it out. I'm glad that I waited to go with Alana, the horticulture expert! We had a lovely day walking the trails, smelling, touching, and even eating the herbs growing everywhere.
We had a beautiful lunch in the restaurant on site. This is called Gotbap (flower rice). Before eating, the flowers are removed to float in the bowl of clear liquid, then the rice is mixed into the herbs, and some Gotjujang (red pepper) sauce stirred in. Then, you take a spoonful of the rice/herb mixture and place a previously removed flower on top to enjoy each bite! Yum!

This is called the tunnel of love!

Outdoor field lecture arena, with log posts for seating. Hope the lecture isn't very long!

The most wonderful scents filled the air from the herbs growing everywhere. This is part of the tranquility walking path.
Lots of foxglove blooming all over!
One thousand year old pine tree, or bush?
Not sure what this gorgeous mass of blooms is called, but there were lots of bees loving it!
The bears are just up around the corner past the waterfall in this picture.

We happened upon this cage with two black bears inside - nothing like this, no other animals or anything anywhere like it in the whole park. When we stopped to wonder about it and feel sorry for the poor guys, one of them jumped up and started putting on a gymnastics show for us, doing flips and swinging, and doing pullups on the bar at the top of the cage. It almost looked like a man in a bear suit. It was so bizarre!


~Genevieve said...

Wow talk about a pretty meal :)

Helena said...

What big happy foxgloves! Beautiful!

mamapickle said...

Everything is so beautiful