Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wonderful Reunion!

We enjoyed a very special treat to have Elder D.Todd Christofferson and his wife Kathy visit our mission area for a Stake Conference last weekend. The Christoffersons were our neighbors when we lived in Tennessee, ah, 20 years ago now! We have fond memories of our association and love them dearly. Tennessee is my favorite of all the places we've lived and it was the hardest place to move from when GM dragged us away kicking and crying!While the men were having Priesthood meetings on Saturday afternoon, the Stake Presidencies' wives took us on a tour of the beautiful Hanok Village where an ancient fortress has been restored into a wonderful folk experience of old Korea. I have visited this place several times on my own, and was delighted to be shown some new areas. We had some delicious herbal tea served in a quaint museum-like old teahouse, and spent some time making a traditional papercraft in a little art studio.
Combined with very uplifting conference sessions, the weekend was an experience I will treasure as a favorite!


Helena said...

Gorgeous! I love hanoks.